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Swing Hangers
Terms and conditions. Public agencies are Net 30 days for payment. CSS reserves the right to change prices with notifications to customer. Normal delivery times are usually 3-7 days ARO. Parts may be ordered from more than one source to lower freight costs to customers or if one manufacturer is out of stock. Quality will be equal or better if source changed. Prices do not include freight. Swing parts are warranted by manufacturer for a period of one year from date of purchase against defects in material or workmanship only. All parts are to be replaced or repaired at manufacturers option. Any damage caused by lack of maintenance, vandalism or improper installations are not covered. Swing parts to be used by children 12 and under. Limit 125 pounds of weight. 
RP-01 Pendulum Replacement. 1" Wide. Bronze Bearing. 1/2" Bore  $8.45
RP-02 Pendulum
Replacement. 3/4" Wide.
Bronze Bearing. 1/2" Bore
                                   $ 8.95
RPCL Pendulum Replacement. Clevis Style eliminates S Hook. Most Popular. 1" Wide, 1/2" Bore.
Uses H-175 Security Wrench
                               $ 9.45 
SH-04 Hanger, Wood Beam
Ductile Iron. Two holes for mounting.      $ 15.95
Swing Hanger Bolts-Replacement used for pendulums 1" Wide.
SH-169 12MM X 2 1/2" w/o Nut   $ 3.50
SH-168                           with             3.75
Check threads for proper size & style.
Hanger, Pipe. Ductile Iron Heavy Duty with Clevis Style Pendulum. No S Hook. Most Popular.
SH-09CL  2 3/8" OD  $ 18.95
SH-10CL  3 1/2" OD      22.95 
Hanger, Pipe, Stamped Steel.
SH-35     2 3/8" OD    $ 17.95
SH-36     3 1/2" OD        21.95
SH-37     4 1/2" OD        25.95
SH-38     5"        OD        26.95
Swing Hanger, Non Wrap.
Swivels completely around pipe. Two Halves-Easy Install 
SH-116   2 3/8" OD    $ 65.65
SH-126   3 1/2" OD       74.95
Hanger, Pipe. Ductile Iron Heavy Duty. S Hook Reqd.
SH-09   2 3/8" OD   $ 18.45
SH-10   3 1/2" OD       21.95
Determining Pipe Size is very important. Take a string or paper and wrap around pipe to come up with the distance around outside.
Pipe Size (OD)           Distance in Length(Approx)
     2 3/8"                                 7.5"
     3 1/2"                                 11"                 Length of Std Paper Sheet
     4  1/2"                                14 1/8"
     5"                                        15 3/4"
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